How ya dooooin?

Good?  Good.

*dusts off blog.  Sneezes*

Yeah um about that “I’ll write more!” thing?  I um.  Didn’t.

I did finish my degree though so that’s good.  Need to harass the school about my diplomas though @.@  

I have been working on stuff though in between a rather nasty depressive spiral and job hunting.  and, AND thanks to Cece I found an awesome yarn shop that it turns out mom’s coworker had recommended for me too I just didn’t go til Cece basically dragged me.  *cough* go me


So I’ve started at least one new project (This is Laughingbird, in Knitpicks Chroma in Prism.  Rav link to pattern here)

(this one is the Waffle Stitch Thermal Scarf in Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in … Um.  Brown? (lazy… XD)

(New Day using Cherry Tree Hill Possum Laceweight)

(A couple of mermaid tails that I will talk about later and thus pattern link isn’t up yet)

Worked on old things…

Falling Water Scarf done in homespun from another raveler.  you can’t really see the shiny bits in this photo

Ohm done in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity silk singles (It was a kit for the mystery KAL for this shawl um…  Let’s not talk about how long ago okay?  I am on the border finally!

Happy Birthday socks in LORD I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THIS YARN IS.  Seriously it was in a mystery bag I got.  I am currently scared of these but that’s why I’m working toe up, to try and figure out how to account for my fat feet and legs.  (Note:  this is not a statement of negativity.  My legs and feet are, objectively, fat.  The end.)  

Frogged at least one thing just for tension and “where the hell am I in this pattern?!” reasons…

Oh, and I finished a couple things.  Though not without a little hardship.

But THAT shawl will get its own post because honestly? It has a lot of story and sentimental value to me. 

Even if I was cussing it like crazy.