Completed another blanket….Sand and Surf (Hues of Blue)

I finally completed the Sand and Surf blanket for my younger brother’s birthday, today.  I had just enough time to weave in ends, add the label and take a few pics before gifting it to him. 

I ended up adding a few granny rows of coordinating colors around the joined squares and then added a single crochet border around it. I love how it turned out. My brother did, too.

Top half….

Bottom half…..

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Crochet 101: A Donut Bun Maker Tutorial

For Mother’s Day this year, I opted to go simple and sincere. I had to make use of what I have, material-wise and skill-wise, instead of spending what I don’t have (which is cash).

Since my mother is fond of rolling her hair into a voluminous bun, I crocheted her a donut bun maker that will certainly last for a long time. Crocheted projects are believed to be durable and immortal. My mother still has the pouch I made 8 years ago to prove that.

Now, I will enlighten you with the crochet donut bun maker pattern I’ve created. Haha!



– Red Heart Creme de la Creme 100% Cotton Yarn (Mine was in Fudge Brown.)
– 4.5 mm / 7 (US, UK/CA) crochet hook
– Measuring tape
– Thread cutter/scissors
– Tapestry needle
– Fiber fill

CH – chain
ST(S) – stitch(es)
HDC – half double crochet

Note: I used a Medium (4) 100% Cotton Yarn. It is thicker than Mercerized Yarn (Monaco and Cannon), but thinner than Worsted/Acrylic Yarn. If you use different sizes of yarn, the outcome will also be different.

Ch 36

ROW 1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Hdc in each ch across. (34 sts)

Ch 2, turn.

ROW 2: Hdc in each st across. (34 sts)


Sudden color change…. the sun was my light SO

Repeat Rows 1-2 until your rectangle measures 4.5” x 7”


Leave a tail approximately 50” long


Note: Basically, it’s just a crocheted rectangle. You can use any stitch for this project. I suggest you use a stitch that will produce smaller holes in between (to be explained later on).

Once you have your rectangle, you will now sew them together using your long tail and tapestry needle.

Sew the longer sides together first. Your sewn rectangle will now look like a tube.


Do not finish off. Fill the tube with fiber fill until it is thick enough. Make sure to fill all parts equally, avoiding lumps and flat portions.

Note: Fiber fill is stubborn. It seeps through holes, even the smallest ones. I suggested you to use tighter stitches to avoid strands of fiber fill outside your project.

Next, sew the ends of the tube together. This, for me, is the most tricky part of the whole pattern but it still is simple. You just have to be careful and not miss any holes.


Knot the tail and conceal it in the finished donut. (You may leave 2-3 inches so it doesn’t ravel easily.) Now you have your handcrafted donut/sock bun maker!


A DIY donut bun maker for the long-haired girls – crochet it for yourself, gift it to someone!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This pattern is totally free so if you sell it, you make the crochet gods cry.

If you happen to try my DIYs, post a photo and tag me on instagram or tweet me: @_idasiasoco
Don’t forget to use hashtag #gteDIY!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

x, Ida

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what to knit this month





We’ve looked at patterns for grown-ups before. But what about the little people in your life? This month, we chose our favourite patterns, from quick and easy to a little more tricky, to make that perfect item.

We are absolutely in love with the geometric blanket in this baby room. Very easy to make and also bang on trend. For something similar, try the Keyfit baby blanket by Tanis Lavallee or the Triangles, Diamonds, Squares, Oh My! by Grace Akhrem.

Who doesn’t love bunnies? And these adorable bunny slippers just need a few tiny feet. Try KPC Novomerino in Autumn Leaf to make a babysoft pair. For a similar pattern, try Tot Hops Bunny Toddler Slipper by Lorin Jean which is a crocheted version. 

For a very fun, happy and colourful gift, try this crocheted Happy Day mobile by Amy Gaines. This is a great project for those wanting to learn amigurumi as these individual pieces are small with instant satisfaction.

Taking inspiration from this cross baby blanket, I spotted a similar pattern by Cali Chic called the Cross baby blanket. Not only does it look easy, but the colour and design hints at a chic baby room.

Since the weather in Hong Kong is still pretty hot, everyone needs a pair of sandals, even baby! These gladiator style sandals are just the right amount of cool and the pattern is available from Crochetbabyboutique on Etsy.

Did you like our pattern ideas this month? See these and more on Pinterest. Follow us for more like this. Still not sure how to knit of crochet and yearning to make the items above, be sure to visit Sheep&Stitch where Davina will teach you all the basics of knitting, promising to turn you into a knitting ninja!

Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to see what we get up to.

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Some Crochet Projects

Here’s a couple of crochet projects I’ve been making. I’m still a beginner but I’m really enjoying this. It is so relaxing to just sit quietly somewhere and turn a yarn into something amazing that I will cherish or offer as a gift. Crochet very much feel like a mindfulness meditation… Some people even chant while crocheting. I will try this next! Chanting the words of happiness so that the message is encrypted in whatever I’m crocheting!

Here’s a hat that I’ve made using this pattern that I bought. It’s an easy pattern for a beginner and I very much like the results.

Crochet Hat


How does it look on me?

I can see a pixie! Oh, where is it hiding?!
Crochet Hat

And I’ve also made a bag. I made this one without a pattern, just measured according to the frame and increased/reduced as required.
My sewing skills helped in making an imaginary pattern for this…
I’ve still got to attach a chain to it and it will be done!



The back view. I think I got excited with the frills but I kind of like it! It’s nice a girly!


So, here’s some inspiration for some handmade gifts for the holidays! I’d be making the hat again!

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Red Gold and Green Crochet Hat


Red Gold and Green crochet hat tutorial is coming along. I have part one  and I have recently posted Part two. The third and final part will be upcoming. I want to thank you all for the love and support in my exploration into this crochet hat tutorial. I was randomly searching for inspiration for an new crochet hat project and I saw some photos of red gold and green hats. They were incredibly unique, and I just wanted to create something for me.

When I completed It I was so proud: I needed to share. And that Is the bottom line, I just want to share with others. The brilliance of video sharing is that you can search online and find multi-topic videos that cover that gambit.

thank you all for all your support :).

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Purses, Bags and Totes – Oh My!

Purses, Bags and Totes – Oh My!

Welcome to Free Crochet Pattern Friday!

This week’s round up is a collection of lovely purses, bags and totes!

FCPF purses bags and totes free crochet patterns

1. Cluster Stitch Bag – Clare Sullivan (BOBWILSON123)

2. Crochet Purse – Corina Gray (Stitch11)

3. Moroccan Market Tote – Tamara Kelly (Moogly)

4. Tranquil Waves Underarm Purse –  “e” Lee (The Crochet Lounge)

5. Casual Crochet Bag  – Sedruola Maruska (Yarn Obsession)

6. Crochet Duffle…

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Having Patterns Tested Before Publication

I’ve been beginning to attempt more pattern writing, both for knitting and crochet, and i’ve run into a snag: finding reliable pattern testers. There’s a group on Ravelry called Free Pattern Testers, where i’ve posted a few patterns for testing, and thus far This pattern got one tester: Full Pair

This pattern got none: Love on Fire

And This pattern got some:  Deck1

but I’ve been having problems with some of the people…

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Hats tops earrings free Summer crochet patterns

Hats tops earrings free Summer crochet patterns


I love hats and everything cool for Summer and went about to find some of the very best designed hats and a few other things for you!

I know you will enjoy!

Curated by Sandy of Sanderellas Crochet

Curated by Sandy of Sanderellas Crochet

1.  99-3 Circle jacket crochet with 2 strands “Alpaca”
by DROPS design


2.  Seashore Earrings

by Susan Lowman

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Fingerless Mittens

I’ve been trying to post this pattern to my website and wordpress blog for the past hour with no luck. Thankfully tumblr seems to like me. My goal was to have this pattern finished by the end of the day, I just have a couple mins left to spare. 🙂
I’ll be back when my laptop or ipad decide to work properly to post to other sites and edit any formatting issues.


Fingerless Mittens
Copyright Designs byZuLa 2013
US & UK Stitch Versions Included

A quick and easy project to keep your hands warm while still allowing you proper use of your fingers. Change hook sizes to change the mitten size and you can make a pair for every member of your family. Great as gifts or to treat yourself.
Don’t forget to make two!

Every Beginner’s Crochet Kit

Crocheting may look like a completely impossible hobby to learn what with the slew of words we hear and see in many tutorials on the web. Being a beginner myself, I should understand that confusion. Lucky for newbies, though, there really ain’t nothing impossible about learning how to crochet. That is, if you’re armed with the right things. There’s just so much fun in being able to finish every step and, little by little, seeing your work come into shape. So for starters, here are the basics you will need:

1. Crochet hook

Take the crochet hook as the pen to your paper; without it, there’s nothing you can draw. They come in different sizes and shapes that it’s probably natural to feel the urge to buy everything. But, before you go on a buying spree, there are two things to take note: utility and comfort. 

Hooks are made in varying sizes and each was made for a specific use. If you’re starting out, I would personally say that it’s best to buy hooks that have the average size (H or 5.00 mm hook). They’re neither too big nor too small. So for beginner patterns where they don’t require a certain hook size, an H hook definitely puts you on the safe side of things.

Hooks are also made in different types of material. There are some made from aluminum, steel, wood, and they come in different designs, too! It shouldn’t matter what material you use as long as you get the best comfort and grip with the hook. Aluminum hooks are probably a safe choice because they’re cheap and strong. If you’re looking for more comfort, it’s best to go for wood/bamboo hooks. I bought mine at National Bookstore for less than 50 bucks and on the reverse side of my 5.00 mm hook, I also had a 3.00 mm. Because it had a smaller head, the 3.00 mm hook was perfect to use with thinner yarns. 

2. Acrylic Yarn

There are more than enough types of yarn, but beginners may want to opt for acrylic more than anything else. They’re widely available which makes them easy to find, and they’re affordable too so they’re good materials for practicing (other yarns can be really expensive). Be cautioned though, as some acrylic yarns have a tendency to loosen up in the middle of a project. When they’re not tightly coiled, it’s harder to draw them into the hook, so choose acrylic yarns that look sturdy. I practice with acrylic yarn because most tutorials advised it. But I also experimented with a type of yarn called mercerized cotton, which proved to be less elastic than acrylic. It’s also best to avoid dark colors when you’re starting out so go for pastels. 

3. Tapestry Needle

The needle lets you finish up a crochet project securely, which makes it an essential to any beginner as well. These are needles with holes larger than the ordinary needles used in sewing, so there’s a lot more room for the yarn to be threaded in.

So, until you’re a more seasoned crocheter, hold that urge to shop for crochet tools and hang on to the basics for a while 😉

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