ICYMI: Amigurumi as Accessories

Author: smallandgreat

If you follow my Fashionably Crocheted board on Pinterest (or if you legitimately follow men’s fashion, I suppose), then you already know. But in case you missed it, Sibling — the British design team who literally and liberally always incorporate crochet into their collections — went absolutely wild with it in their Fall 2015 menswear collection. 

This time, though, there’s a twist. While there still was a lot of knitwear (the deconstructed multi sweater above those amazing abs, above, was my fave), 90% of the crochet were in the form of amigurumi. Of those amis, I’d say 80% were little skinny bears worn as boutonnieres, on ties, or pinned to sleeves. The other 20% (besides a backpack that I spied in the background of one pic) were GIANT BEARS that the models hauled down the runway. The guy at the very top, carrying all the bears, was their final look — a nice take IMO on the usual women’s runway finale, where the last look is a bride. Two of the big bears are knit, but two are crochet. I am also really digging the faux-fur-as-stripes.

I’m totally fixated on this and so yes, made a collage of EVERY AMI IN THE SHOW, as seen above. But it also got me thinking — wearable amigurumi, is this a thing? I’m not promising you could get your average guy to do it, but like, could we make this happen

P.S. You can check out full-size photos of all the looks over at Style dot com.

Author: smallandgreat

Introducing our newest yarn, Jillian!

Author: ashlandbay

We are so excited to welcome our newest addition to the Ashland Bay yarn line, Jillian! This yarn is a super bulky, super soft (20.5 micron) merino wool roving yarn. It is available in 250 gm, 140yd skeins.


Jillian knits up quickly, perfect for a one day project. This yarn is ideal for cowls, scarves, hats and mittens. The dyeing process will full the yarn increasing the durability of the knit garment.

Even in the middle of the summer, it is not too soon to start dyeing this beauty! You will want to have this yarn available come fall.

Let’s not forget the winter of 2013-2014!


A quick dip in the dye pot and voila! 

Stay tuned, we have several other new yarns and products due to arrive soon!  

Author: ashlandbay

I\’m Going Pastel!

Author: cinniie


Okay, so I’ve been talking a lot about how I want to install crochet braids for my next look. I looked up a couple of tutorials for dyeing synthetic hair, and the main ways of accomplishing this involved

  • acrylic ink + alcohol
  • OR
  • alcohol ink + water

I was hoping to get a really deep, rich teal color. Something within this spectrum:


Unfortunately, I tried both methods and neither really gave the desired effect. I’ll have to do more research and keep trying. 

Instead, I got a spectrum of pastel colors:


It’s pretty clear that these do range in saturation. I was a little apprehension at first, but I think I’m going to be bold and go pastel! To achieve this, I used two packs of platinum white hair, and one pack of blond (to see if there was any difference—and there was! The blond mixed with green to give me that stark yellow, and with blue, it gave me a sort of chlorine-washed out look, which I actually like. With the white, I got these cute blue and the soft pinks.)

I’m actually in the process of dying another pack and a half, that I’m leaving to soak in the color solution overnight:


That makes for three packs of hair total, which will hopefully be enough for my whole head (it should!)

I’m a little nervous. When I tried the burgundy look, I at least knew it would be complementary to my skin tone. Pastel is a little out there, but I’ll be cute, fingers crossed. 

What do you guys think? 

Author: cinniie

Ive recently had a lot

Ive recently had a lot of people asking what type of light box, I believe thats what its called, do I use. and if I have any tips for taking pics to show their items.

I honestly just use 2, SOMETIMES 3, white boards I bought from joanns at a really cheap price. And a desk light I had for the longest time, which I got at Hobby Lobby.

(Sorry for the messy room. haha)

Once I’m done taking as many pics of the item(s), I then upload the pics to Photoshop to make it a bit brighter. Which can be done by going to IMAGE> ADJUSTMENTS>CURVES…

I then move the cursor up and make it as bright as I want the pic to be. Once I like the way it looks, I select OK.

And thats really all I do. 🙂



I also like to crop my pics into a perfect square, but that’s just me. 🙂


I’ve been working on

Author: jinksss

I’ve been working on a hat that I’ll post when I’m done that has horns on it. I remember a long time ago, when I was working on my crochet’d Viking Hat that there was a pattern I had trouble reading because of the terms it used. Now that I’ve been crocheting for a tiny bit over a year, I went back to it and made wonderful horns for my hat. I decided to write it down in a way I could understand it better and share it with you all 🙂



Perfect Horn Pattern

Round 1: start with a magic circle and sc 5 sts into it

Round 2: inc, 4 sc

Round 3: sc, inc, 4 sc

Round 4: sc, inc, inc,2 sc, sc2tog

Round 5: 2 sc, inc, 5 sc

Round 6: 3 sc, inc, inc, 3 sc, sc2tog

(It’s best to not bother with a marker since the next rows will always overlap, so just make sure you count correctly!)

Round 7: 3 sc, inc, 6 sc sts

Round 8: 4 sc, inc, inc, 4 sc, sc2tog

Round 9: 4 sc, inc, 7 sc

Round 10: 5 sc, inc, inc, 5 sc, sc2tog

Round 11: 5 sc, inc, 8 sc

Round 12: 6sc, inc, inc, sc 6, sc2tog

Round 13: 6 sc, inc, 9 sc

Round 14: 7 sc, inc, inc, 7 sc, sc2tog

Round 15: 7sc, inc, 10 sc

Round 16: 8 sc, inc, inc, 8 sc, sc2tog

Round 17: 8 sc, inc, 11 sc

After the 8th round, there is an easy pattern you can pick up on in case you wanted to add more rows for a bigger horn!

So there it is! All credit for this pattern goes to mygurumi 🙂

Author: jinksss

Happy Year of the Sheep!

Author: smallandgreat

Or Goat, depending on how you translate. But you know me — I’m all about that yarn, so for me, it’s mostly about the sheep. But then again… goats do give us fibers too. Uhoh, now I’m torn. 

Either way, it seems like a good excuse for a quick roundup for sheep-related patterns, all of which can be found for free somewhere on the interwebs. I haven’t made these myself (though I most definitely did make the basically life-size lamb pictured above!), but I found them all on Ravelry. 

Especially if you’re stuck inside under a zillion feet of snow (I’m looking at you, Boston), why not crochet yourself a little wooly friend today? Yes, it does help if you have some kind of squishy-wooly-textured-curly novelty yarn around, but if you’re not stuck under a zillion feet of snow, you can always add to your stash (does telling you this make me an enabler?). 

Chinese New Year Sheep/Lamb by Stephanie Lau (All About Ami): Oh my gosh, if Lambert does not make you squee with cuteness, you’ve got problems.

Sheep Earmuffs by Joanne Loh (Craft Passion): Want sheep that can actually keep you warm? This pattern says it’s for kids, but I’d totally wear these. (And aren’t earmuffs pretty much one-size-fits-all anyway?)

Fluufie the Sheep by Marissa and Sami (Momomints): This little dude is also squeal-inducing, and their photography is gorgeous.

Chinese Zodiac Sheep by Shinpindo: Feeling ambitious? This is written in Japanese, but you can follow along with the charts and schematics (there are several pages — you need to click the numbers at the top of the page to go through the whole pattern). 

Baa Baa Sheep Hat by Melissa Mall (Inner Child Crochet): Feeling sheepish? (Dude, you know I was going to make that terrible pun at some point.) Whip up this adorable lamb hat!

Year of the Sheep Amigurumi by Pierrot Yarns: You may remember I LOVE Japanese yarn company Pierrot’s patterns — no need to know the language, their charts are awesome. Crochet yourself up a — well, with the horns, I guess this is a ram? — with their free pattern. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the thumbnail to go to the pattern PDF.

Happy hooking!

Author: smallandgreat

HUGE Auctions!

So, since I am just starting out my life in working multiple fields and finishing up school, I just came up with an idea that will benefit you guys as well!

What do you all think about me crocheting huge, and I mean HUGE amigurumi creations to be auctioned off? Here are a few reference pictures that I am willing to make out of giant amigurumi:




ALSO I can auction off pixelated afghan blankets of your choosing instead of amigurumi! Since these will be WAY bigger than the giant amigurumi, the starting bid for one will be $200. Here are some of these examples:



Etc. (Whichever you choose so long as it’s pixelated!)

Keep in mind that these will become HUGE amigurumi, so the starting bid will be at $100. If you have a different suggestion you’d like to add to the list then please do so! I’ll decide on a project by the end of May depending on how many votes I get.

You can vote for one of the three designs that I’ve given you, what others have suggested OR one you suggest.

I hope to make this a fun event for not only myself but to you all as well! Good luck!

What will you choose?


Hookabee Cutie Crochet!

Author: merry-go-sims

Are any of you into crochet? I have been thinking about making this post for a while, because sisters, and I asked permission to use her picture and everything, so it’s okay.

My ickle sister Megan has started up an adorable website Hookabee where she posts about crocheting and sells the cutest plush animal patterns! She has an adorable narwhal, and a spiked doggy collar (for free!) Her latest one is Flora (named after our niece!), a cute bunny that you can make for your loved ones just in time for Easter! What do you get someone that has everything? How about something that you made yourself with love! ❤ The pattern is on sale through to March 29th!


Even if you don’t crochet feel free to visit her site and pass the word on! Not only do I want my sister to be successful, but I actually, well … think her stuff is really good!! What. So I am advertising with a clear conscience. 

Thank you!!

Author: merry-go-sims

Hook Sizes

Author: stitchem


Today I will try to explain why hook size is important. I experimented with my own little Totoro pattern found HERE to demonstrate the different sizes.

When making amigurumi (stuffed animals), I typically like to use a smaller hook size. This way the stitches will be tighter and will have less holes, so no stuffing can escape!

I made 3 Totoros, with 3 different hook sizes, 5.0mm, 4.0mm, and 3.5mm hook.


The Totoro made on the 5.0mm hook is 13.5cm tall.


The 4.0mm hook Totoro is 10.5cm tall,


The 3.5mm hook Totoro is 9.5mm tall. The smaller the hook, the smaller the stuffed animal will be.


Hook size determines the size of the Totoro. The smaller the hook, the smaller the stuffed animals will be.  I think the smaller hook used makes the overall product look better. The finish is cleaner than a bigger hook. I think it’s because the stitches are tighter and closer together.


From the back, I can tell how much the Totoro’s differ in sizes! No matter what the size, I love all my Totoro’s!


Choosing the hook size depends on how big you want the finished product to be. But I would recommend not to go bigger than what the yarn weight suggests on the label for amigurumi. Then the holes between the stitches would be too big!

Happy crocheting!

Author: stitchem
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