July Knitting Part 2 — Buy All the Yarn

Author: drizzitknits

So. I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it here, but I’ve been trying to knit through my stash and I’m trying not to buy more yarn. Mostly because I’ve reached maximum yarn storage capacity. Like. The plastic drawer unit I put my yarn in basically doesn’t close anymore. And the futon and footlocker are also full of yarn. And then there are the paper bags full of yarn. Yeah. I have too much yarn for a somewhat tiny flat, basically.

I’ve actually been doing really well at this (fibre festival purchasing aside) and since I decided to try to knit from stash sometime back in March I’ve managed to use up three (almost 4) yarns. Granted the fourth one will be one I bought at the fibre festival in May and the first one isn’t technically used up because no matter which way I swing it, I just CANNOT get a pair of mittens out of a not-quite-full skein of Malabrigo Rios, but let’s try to put a positive spin on things, yes?

That said, I recently took a holiday combined with a work trip to the Monterey Peninsula of California. Where they have THREE yarn stores. THREE. So of course I had to visit all of them. The only rules I set for myself were that anything I bought had to be something I couldn’t get at home (which, when your LYS is Steven Be, is actually hard to do) and I had to have a pattern in mind so that I bought only the amount of yarn I needed.

Here is what came of it.

Anzula Yarns “For Better or Worsted” in Teal from Monarch Knitting and Quilts in Pacific Grove, CA. It’s 80/10/10 MCN (the first ever MCN I’ve owned!) in worsted weight. The current plan is mittens (since the Rios WILL NOT make mittens), though I haven’t exactly decided which pattern yet.

Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe in K3000. It’s 100% Merino in DK weight. I got two skeins so I have about 208 m (228 yds). Also from Monarch Knitting and Quilts in Pacific Grove, CA. Because it’s Koigu and this is the first time I have seen Koigu outside of Canada. Ever. I don’t necessarily have a plan for this, but it’s Koigu so I wasn’t going to not get it.

Island Yarn Pagoda in the “Grapes of Wrath” colourway from The Twisted Stitch in Monterey, CA. Okay. I was in Monterey (where Steinbeck lived and wrote much of Grapes of Wrath) and I LOVE Steinbeck and I LOOOOVVVVE Grapes of Wrath and I couldn’t NOT buy this. It also sort of doesn’t have a plan because I feel like I need to get it the perfect pattern that it deserves. The yarn is 65% merino and 35% bamboo in fingering weight (which is basically the same yarn I’m currently wrapping up knitting a sweater out of) and I have two skeins, so I have ~914m or 1000 yds.

Studio Donegal Soft Donegal in F639 from Knitting by the Sea in Carmel, CA. This is definitely the roughspun tweedy yarn the Donegal is famous for, but it’s 100% merino (instead of shetland) so it’s SUUUPER soft! I’m pretty sure I bought this with the intention of making The Shire by Erica Jakofsky, so I have apparently gone from a person who doesn’t understand the cowl craze to a person who has now bought yarn to knit ALL THE COWLS.

Okay so…nothing about this yarn is AT ALL my style (it’s bright oranges and yellows, it’s fingering weight, it’s just…not me), but it was an exclusive colourway specifically dyed for the yarn shop so I felt like I really should get it. The yarn is Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Sock Superwash Corriedale in the “Knitting by the Sea” colourway, and I purchased it from Knitting by the Sea in Carmel, CA. I *think* I intend to make the Hobbit Cowl by Suzy Vitale with it, but that could change once I see how the colours stripe up.

And there you have it. It’s not a TERRIBLE amount of yarn and I certainly don’t regret purchasing any of it (if anything, I regret that I couldn’t buy MORE things). All three stores were charming and adorable and I loved them. Monarch Knitting and Quilts in particular was beautifully organised and I found my shopping experience there very easy and rewarding. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of the Monterey Peninsula, I highly recommend checking these stores out.

Author: drizzitknits