Ive recently had a lot

Ive recently had a lot of people asking what type of light box, I believe thats what its called, do I use. and if I have any tips for taking pics to show their items.

I honestly just use 2, SOMETIMES 3, white boards I bought from joanns at a really cheap price. And a desk light I had for the longest time, which I got at Hobby Lobby.

(Sorry for the messy room. haha)

Once I’m done taking as many pics of the item(s), I then upload the pics to Photoshop to make it a bit brighter. Which can be done by going to IMAGE> ADJUSTMENTS>CURVES…

I then move the cursor up and make it as bright as I want the pic to be. Once I like the way it looks, I select OK.

And thats really all I do. 🙂



I also like to crop my pics into a perfect square, but that’s just me. 🙂