ICYMI: Amigurumi as Accessories

Author: smallandgreat

If you follow my Fashionably Crocheted board on Pinterest (or if you legitimately follow men’s fashion, I suppose), then you already know. But in case you missed it, Sibling — the British design team who literally and liberally always incorporate crochet into their collections — went absolutely wild with it in their Fall 2015 menswear collection. 

This time, though, there’s a twist. While there still was a lot of knitwear (the deconstructed multi sweater above those amazing abs, above, was my fave), 90% of the crochet were in the form of amigurumi. Of those amis, I’d say 80% were little skinny bears worn as boutonnieres, on ties, or pinned to sleeves. The other 20% (besides a backpack that I spied in the background of one pic) were GIANT BEARS that the models hauled down the runway. The guy at the very top, carrying all the bears, was their final look — a nice take IMO on the usual women’s runway finale, where the last look is a bride. Two of the big bears are knit, but two are crochet. I am also really digging the faux-fur-as-stripes.

I’m totally fixated on this and so yes, made a collage of EVERY AMI IN THE SHOW, as seen above. But it also got me thinking — wearable amigurumi, is this a thing? I’m not promising you could get your average guy to do it, but like, could we make this happen

P.S. You can check out full-size photos of all the looks over at Style dot com.

Author: smallandgreat