How to Style: Crop Tops


Purchase: Sweater ($70), Tee ($10), Turtleneck ($25), Graphic Tank ($20), Jeans ($65), Skirt ($84), Pants ($40), Shorts ($56), Flats ($100), Pumps ($95), Sandals ($41), Tennis Shoes ($45)

Wearing a crop top is the equivalent of learning how to ride a bike: it feels strange at first, but eventually you will manage to balance style and practicality. 

Like many others, I often shy away from this trend due to my figure. However, after looking around at some ensembles, I realized it doesn’t seem as off-putting as I first thought. When worn with the right pant or skirt, it can actually be very flattering. 

If you are in the same boat as I am, feel free to draw inspiration from these four looks, all spring weather-approved.