Hand-dyed Yarn: \\\”Wild Hunt\\\”

Author: coffeedogyarn

The night is deep on the moor; you’re thankful for the crackling fire and steaming mug of tea beside you. Pull the blanket up a little higher on your lap—wait!

What’s that? Bells? Hoofbeats?

At the far-off blare of a hunting horn, you’re certain you can hear the deep blue of the growing night torn by black. The shadowed depths of forest green shudder as the wind picks up. As the floor beneath you ceases its trembling, you smile grimly, sip your tea, and stoke the hearth.

The Wild Hunt rides tonight, me dearies!

Not to worry, though! We’ve got a brand new, hand-painted Aran weight yarn all set to become a part of your next project. 100% Andean wool, its 92 yards of warmth will take the chill from even the deepest, darkest of nights.


Author: coffeedogyarn