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fangfilledsmiles replied to your photoset “It’s the kind of night where I blow an hour crocheting a helmet for…”

That’s adorable. How do you make such amazing things???

Aw, thank you!!! Lots and lots of practice. I’ve been crocheting on-and-off since I was 13, and then a couple of years ago I got REALLY into amigurumi. I made so much of it that I internalized a lot of its more common techniques, and started making my own changes to patterns, and then going off-plan and making up my own patterns.

I don’t do a LOT of crochet these days (I’m in an off-swing, I suppose) mostly because when I’m doing that I can’t really be doing anything else — not even watching TV or listening to audiobooks, because I have to count rows and stitches and I’m not good at holding those numbers if I’m listening to anything else. But once in a while an idea hits that I just can’t resist, like the Bucky Bear hat, or a helmet for my Captain Americowl. 😀

(Sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier; I have been completely off tumblr for most of the day and didn’t even see your nice comment!)