Doctor Hopper, world leading surgeon

This little fella is Doctor Hopper, my first attempt at making amigurumi without a pattern! It’s pretty special to know that I’ve made something entirely my own, and it was for the design contest. I didn’t win, of course, but it was a great feeling to have tried, particularly when it’s led to the next stage in my crocheting!

Making the head, body, limbs and tail was fairly straightforward, and the ears weren’t too difficult to get right. I wrote down the pattern as I went for all of those, and normally I might’ve called him finished then, but the design contest had the theme ‘animals at work’, so clearly this little purple bunny was going to need some accessories.

The stethoscope and the head… thing (does anyone actually know what those things are meant to be?!) were pretty easy to make, but the Doctor’s lab coat presented a new challenge for me, and all pattern writing went out the window at that point! It all came together in the end, and I was really pleased with him; particularly for a first go!

Author: woolful

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