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Every Beginner’s Crochet Kit

Crocheting may look like a completely impossible hobby to learn what with the slew of words we hear and see in many tutorials on the web. Being a beginner myself, I should understand that confusion. Lucky for newbies, though, there really ain’t nothing impossible about learning how to crochet. That is, if you’re armed with the right things. There’s just so much fun in being able to finish every step and, little by little, seeing your work come into shape. So for starters, here are the basics you will need:

1. Crochet hook

Take the crochet hook as the pen to your paper; without it, there’s nothing you can draw. They come in different sizes and shapes that it’s probably natural to feel the urge to buy everything. But, before you go on a buying spree, there are two things to take note: utility and comfort. 

Hooks are made in varying sizes and each was made for a specific use. If you’re starting out, I would personally say that it’s best to buy hooks that have the average size (H or 5.00 mm hook). They’re neither too big nor too small. So for beginner patterns where they don’t require a certain hook size, an H hook definitely puts you on the safe side of things.

Hooks are also made in different types of material. There are some made from aluminum, steel, wood, and they come in different designs, too! It shouldn’t matter what material you use as long as you get the best comfort and grip with the hook. Aluminum hooks are probably a safe choice because they’re cheap and strong. If you’re looking for more comfort, it’s best to go for wood/bamboo hooks. I bought mine at National Bookstore for less than 50 bucks and on the reverse side of my 5.00 mm hook, I also had a 3.00 mm. Because it had a smaller head, the 3.00 mm hook was perfect to use with thinner yarns. 

2. Acrylic Yarn

There are more than enough types of yarn, but beginners may want to opt for acrylic more than anything else. They’re widely available which makes them easy to find, and they’re affordable too so they’re good materials for practicing (other yarns can be really expensive). Be cautioned though, as some acrylic yarns have a tendency to loosen up in the middle of a project. When they’re not tightly coiled, it’s harder to draw them into the hook, so choose acrylic yarns that look sturdy. I practice with acrylic yarn because most tutorials advised it. But I also experimented with a type of yarn called mercerized cotton, which proved to be less elastic than acrylic. It’s also best to avoid dark colors when you’re starting out so go for pastels. 

3. Tapestry Needle

The needle lets you finish up a crochet project securely, which makes it an essential to any beginner as well. These are needles with holes larger than the ordinary needles used in sewing, so there’s a lot more room for the yarn to be threaded in.

So, until you’re a more seasoned crocheter, hold that urge to shop for crochet tools and hang on to the basics for a while 😉

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A Handmade Gift Project: Crochet Bag

Approximately a year ago when I started crochetting again (I did start to crochet at the age of 12 or so, learning from my mum), I got really hooked on it and found the array of projects to crochet pretty impressive but somewhat daunting too! The more I got into it though, the more confidence I gained with my crochet hooks; so much that my hooks started to move fast enough to work through even bigger projects!

Initially I started off with patterns and followed them to the letter. Gradually I started to slightly modify and tweak the patterns to create more customizable items to my liking. At this stage I am still testing waters and have yet to start writing my own patterns! That could still take a while to come; I still have a heck loads of crochet stitches to learn.

Well, today I’m sharing this bag project I made as a gift for Sisterlovlie whose birthday was about a month ago. This post is only coming up now because I never got round to finish it up sooner.

I started off with a Patons pattern which was for this Sweatpea Bag but I tweaked it to my liking and ended up with something really quite different.

The pattern calls for two rectangular pieces to be crochetted then seamed (crochetted) together around the edges.

For the bag lining, I chose to use some bright rusty red coloured lining fabric to which I added a zip fastener; I like bags to be secure. The one in the pattern was only an open tote style bag.

Then I also went along adding some inside pockets to the lining. Inner pockets are so handy for the little things that would just get lost at the very bottom!

After the lining was (machine) stitched with the bag, I attached a few wooden beads to the zip.

And even my Bijouxlovlie label inside!

The pattern suggests making a kind of rope strap by twisting together a fair amount of yarns. I didn’t go for this style. Instead, I crochetted a long strip which I lined with some other fabric. And so here was the decision to make: which fabric would be most suitable to line the strap?

Boyfriendlovlie (he’s always my savior in matters of this nature!) suggested the linen canvas fabric and I was happy with that.

I made some small straps out of the linen canvas to attach the long one to the bag. I salvaged some D-rings from the pockets of an old cargo pants that I wasn’t wearing anymore.

I stitched one end of the straps through the rings but the other end I secured with a knot so that the strap could be adjustable to body height.

I bought some wood chip buttons from this Etsy shop a while ago. It’s an eco-friendly shop that uses driftwood, reclaimed wood, salvaged stone and pottery. Natural surplus materials, wood in particular, that would otherwise go to waste are used in the making of these buttons and a lot more useful items. Check them out.

So for a natural organic touch, I added one of these buttons as an embellishment to the bag.

Voilà, crochetted with love! Sisterlovlie was pretty pleased!

Author: veganlovlie

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8-ball Cup Holder Liner Crochet Pattern

FREE 8-ball Cup Holder Liners Crochet Pattern – They keep the muck out of your cup holders by soaking up condensation and little splashes. Just in time for Father’s Day! #crochet


8-Ball Cup Holder Liner | Super Easy Free Crochet Pattern by Simply Collectible

They keep the muck out of your cup holders by soaking up condensation and little splashes.

Not much explanation needed there, right? We’ve all had this happen. Use cotton for maximum absorption and toss them in the wash as needed.
You are on your way to avoiding the dusty hairballs mixed with sand and crumbs.

8-ball Cup Holder Liner | Super fast & easyFree Crochet Pattern by Simply Collectible (11b)

Make an easy gift for Father’s Day with this 8-ball Cup Holder Liner Crochet…

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It’s Simple To Learn About Hobbies With This Article

Lots of people are in search of new and exciting hobbies every day, but unfortunately have run out of ideas. If this is you then the following article is right up your alley. In it you will read many great tips about what hobbies are great to pursue at home. Read on and get enlightened about hobbies!

Use your favorite hobby to balance the load in your life. When we do nothing but work, either at the office, around the home, or with children, we deprive ourselves of necessary relaxation and creativity. Set aside time every week during which you can partake of your favorite hobby, and the rest of your obligations will feel less burdensome.

If you want to get exercise while having fun, consider hiking. Finding different paths can be a lot of fun. Bring some food and a friend and enjoy!

A great hobby to have if you like the outdoors is hiking. There are so many beautiful hikes around the country. You can make day trips and spend them doing hikes. You’ll be able to see a lot of nature, and you’ll also be getting in a good workout at the same time.

Before you decide on a hobby that is right for you, try out a small project first. If you think that you might enjoy quilting, begin with a table runner or small pillow to see if quilting is right for you. If painting is appealing to you, try it out on a small canvass.

From the article above you are now aware of so many fun things to do at home. Anyone can find interesting hobbies at home that the family can enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be boring at home any longer when you include the tips here to find that perfect hobby.

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